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The style challenges women face personally and professionally and the value of a personal stylist


We take your style personally.

All packages below are mix and matchable.

We will be happy to customize our services to your particular style needs. We always start with a discovery call.

We stay ahead of the competition by using the latest technology. Get ahead of the game with us! 

WARNING! Side effects include improved self-image, increased self-confidence, more time with your family and fewer visits to the post office.

Your in-person style menu







Our most popular service!

This is your ultimate extensive Style deep-dive: what is your signature style? What suits you? How to translate it into your current wardrobe? What stays and what needs to go? What pieces will get you to your desired look? 

  • Our goal is to determine your personal style and teach you how to dress accordingly

  • You will get a clear strategy and a set of tools on how to approach your wardrobe goals

  • We will ask you questions about your workplace dress code and culture and your image goals. Prepare for 30-60 mins of homework!

  • We will determine which garment shapes are best suited to your body type & which colours suit your complexion (yes, this service includes an express colour analysis and body shape session!)

  • We go through your closet and edit it: from cluttered to neat with tools and ideas to keep it that way

  • You will get advice on what additional clothing and accessories you need to elevate your style and image

  • We will offer up to a dozen new outfit ideas,  all photographed for instant outfit solutions

  • No more stress when packing for holidays or business trips, or not knowing what to wear for a special occasion.

  • You will never have to live through the despair of having a full closet but nothing to wear

  • Read more about the service in our blog post here.

This is also an excellent idea for a present!


Small wardrobe? Returning client? Contact us for the price indication.

The Complete Personal Styling Experience

Euro 395,- for up to 3 hours, every next hour euro 100,-. 

✓ Intro chemistry call

✓ Tailored service offer

✓ Service as described above

✓ Follow-up style notes 

✓ Shoppable links with recommendations on the items to add 

✓ 10% discount on all services for one year  

✓ Travel time 

✓ Follow-up call within 3 months to tackle remaining questions

✓ Technical and coaching support for 1 month to banish any insecurities forever! 

✓ Rate freeze for one year

personalized shopper
Style & wardrobe review


When your wardrobe feels like it's on life support, and the online-shopping-return-repeat saga has become your anthem, it's time for a style intervention, my friend. Ever feel like the stores are conspiring against your fashion vibe? We've got your back! 

Enter our Capsule Wardrobe expertise – the art of crafting a fresh, mix-and-matchable wardrobe from the ground up, all done with a breeze of efficiency online. But hey, if you're more of an in-person shopper, we've got exclusive private shopping lounges with your name on them!

  • A video chat where we dissect your style dreams, budget, and every quirk that makes you, well, you.

  • Expect 30-60 minutes of homework – because personal style should scream "you" from every outfit.

  • We lay out a shopping route, booking private shopping spaces where available. We shop together in physical stores and assist you in choosing the right outfits that meet your needs

  • We guarantee at least 3-5 new outfits within 2-3 hours of shopping. We usually overdeliver!

  • NEW! Educational Shopping: learn to shop like a Personal Shopper! You will learn how to determine your shopping list, your route, how to look for the right items for your body shape that will fit your current wardrobe, your image goals and your lifestyle. but without actually making the purchases. 

This service is best used as a continuation of the Style and Wardrobe review session.

You may also consider Virtual Capsule (Lookbook) Shopping.

This is an excellent idea for a present!

The Complete Personal Shopping Experience

Euro 120,-/hour for up to 3 hours, every next hour euro 100,-

✓ ​Intro chemistry call

✓ Head Stylist Anna

✓ Tailored service offer

✓ Service as described above

✓ Online links with recommendations on the items we could not find in-store

✓ 10% discount on all services for one year

✓ Travel time

✓ Rate freeze for one year

personal shopper Amsterdam


If you're looking to understand what suits you: which colours compliment your complexion, and how to introduce them into your wardrobe; how to dress your body type and how to choose items that not only flatter you but also make your heart beat faster, this service is for you!

This service comprises three blocks, which are aimed at giving you that perfect system of filters, but they can be booked individually, too. 


  • with the help of drapes, you will learn which colours suit your complexion the best

  • how to add colour to your wardrobe without looking like a parrot (unless that's the look you want ;-)

  • how to combine colours for an instant outfit upgrade

  • how to control the impression people have about you by wearing the right colour combinations and prints 

  • read more about the service in our blog post here
  • when booked separately: euro 175,- flat fee for one person, euro 200,- for two people. Prepare for 90 mins. 


  • learn more about your body shape and how to dress it by applying our unique method

  • learn how to choose the right pieces when shopping online or in physical stores

  • reduce the amount of time in the fitting room or the number of returns 

  • NEW: add our shopping recommendations of up to 15 items presented on a directly shoppable platform


  • together we will determine your style DNA: the unique formula of your personal style, which allows you to tell about yourself without words

  • with the help of carefully selected questions, we will create a system of filters that will make shopping and the selection of everyday looks easier 

  • get a better understanding of what makes you feel more confident, how to create the right image and overcome wardrobe challenges

The Complete Colour, Body Shape and Style DNA  Experience


Euro 250,- 

✓ Colour analysis booked separately: euro 175,- (1,5 hours) 

✓ Travel time

✓ Add personalised shopping selection for euro 30,-

fashion stylist
Various style related questions
stylist Amsterdam



Whether you've worked with a personal stylist before and have a specific question we can help you with, or want to test the waters - a per-hour service is what you may want to consider. Some of the popular questions we can help you with include: ​


  • Where to start when it comes to your personal style?

  • Can you help me clear out my wardrobe?

  • What kind of a coat would you recommend and where to get it? 

  • How do I pass good taste to my children?

  • How do I improve my body image?

  • What should I wear to this conference? 

  • Help me find a special occasion piece! 



We will be happy to take care of whatever questions you may have. Do not be shy, and drop us a line. ​We charge euro 120,-/hour and will provide you with a total price quote in advance. 

Style and you
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