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Personal Stylist does Wardrobe Organization

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

what it looks like & why it’s my preferred way of fixing your style and wardrobe issues.

Wardrobe detox, wardrobe weeding, closet organization, closet review - many names, similar processes.

Wardrobe detox is how I usually start working with a client. Why? It’s the most efficient way for me to get to know you, your personal style, and your wardrobe. When it comes to your style it’s critical to understand who you are, what you stand for, what you like, but also how you move (!), how you dress now and how you make choices while shopping.

The initial steps

We usually start with a free 20 minute “Introductory Chemistry Call”. I ask such questions as “Why are you looking for a stylist?” “Why now?” “What are the challenges?” “Which problem are we solving?”

It is your opportunity to ask anything to make you feel comfortable with the choice of the personal stylist you’re going to make. After all, you’re letting me into your house, your closet, your personal space. For both of us, the match should be ideal, in order for this relationship to work and deliver the results both of us will be happy with.

If we decide to proceed, and after settling the date, I send you a questionnaire, which is designed not to take longer than 15 minutes of your precious time. After all, I praise myself for being one of the most efficient personal stylists out there, valuing your time as much as I do mine.

I also explain how it’s best to prepare for the consultation. At this point it’s up to you – whether you’d like to save some time (and thus, some money) but preparing your items in the manner I suggest, or whether you’d like me to do this for you later on the spot.

What do we actually do during the session?

Every client is different, and the services are always tailored to your personal needs (hence the “Chemistry Call”). However, most of the time we start with the basics and the theory you need to understand to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

In short, we need to make sure the situation won't repeat in the future.

Therefore, my initial consultation always includes:

  • General education on style, image, and fashion (this usually happens over a cup of coffee or even a glass of wine)

  • An explanation of the functional wardrobe 101’s

  • A presentation about colour and how to combine colours in your wardrobe (read more about this service in this post)

  • An express colour-consultation, determining your best colours (optional for guys)

  • Body type analysis and recommendations on how to dress your figure

  • A clear presentation with all the trick and tips on how to create stylish looks

All of the above is my unique, custom-made, experience-based approach you will not find anywhere else. This consultation is the result of many hours spent with my clients and listening to their needs. This is why I claim that you only need to work with me once to understand how to approach your personal style for the years to come.

In your closet

Only at this point, we find ourselves in front of your closet. Experience shows that most closets face similar issues I covered in this article.

  • I go through your items one by one and check if they look outdated or worn-out, whether they fit you well and can be used as a foundation for your future wardrobe

  • Together we see which pieces reflect your personality

  • We also go through your accessories, jewellery, bags and shoes

  • I help create new looks and outfits you never knew were in your closet

  • We end up with a clear list of items to add to create a multi-functional wardrobe

  • From my experience, the pieces we do get rid of are the ones you didn’t like much in the first place.

  • We do our best to save as many items as we can

  • I explain my approach to a sleek, sustainable, yet multi-functional wardrobe

Count on 3 hours for ladies, and 2 hours for gentlemen. Our packages (for her /for him) are set up to reflect the average time required. Small wardrobe? Contact us for price indication!

What you will get

The results of the initial consultation (aka wardrobe organization) include:

  • An understanding of how to approach your personal style

  • Learning which colours will suit your complexion the best

  • Body type analysis and clear recommendations on how to dress it

  • Advice on how and where to shop online and offline

  • A re-cap with the essential tips & tricks tailored for your style

  • New looks and outfit ideas from the things you already own

  • The list of items to add to your wardrobe in order for it to be multi-functional and reflect your personal style

  • Cleared up clutter

  • Advice on storage and closet organization not only for yourself but for the whole family!

To book Style & Wardrobe Review fill in the contact form, or reach out per email or phone!


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