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online personal shopper

Welcome to The Panachery,

We are personal stylists based in Amsterdam who provide a range of fashion-related in-person and online styling services for image-conscious expats in the Netherlands. Thanks to the wonders of the web we can also help you become the best-dressed version of yourself no matter where in the world you happen to be.


We take an individual approach which is all about creating the best look for you that meets your goals and objectives.


We develop your style by listening to your needs and then working with you to help you select the appropriate clothing, jewellery, accessories and grooming.


We will support you to be the best version of yourself by teaching you how to organise and select the right clothing and accessories for your body, personality and lifestyle.


The benefits to you will be the increased self-confidence you'll feel once we have taught you how to choose the best outfits and accessories for every situation.


About us


We are the go-to place for image-conscious people who are looking to improve their personal style by wearing the right selection of clothes and accessories at the appropriate times.

We offer personal style and wardrobe consulting services for women and men, online and in-person. We can be your (online) personal shopper.

We believe in an individual approach as opposed to general printed styling advice or 'influencer' recommendations. We will choose the best look for 'you' not what's fashionable or 'in-season'.


We renew our client’s style through the organisation and personal selection of clothing, jewellery, accessories and grooming that meets their goals.

If you look good, you'll feel good and will exude confidence. “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”


We will help you be the best-dressed version of yourself by teaching you how to organise and select the right clothing and accessories that fit not just your body but also your personality, lifestyle and career.

Our Services
online personal shopper


Do you often end up wearing the same outfits?

Do you find yourself thinking: “I have so many clothes and nothing to wear?”

You spend a lot of money on shopping and only wear a small percentage of what you've purchased?

Do you end up returning lots of the clothes you buy online as you're not sure if they really represent you?

Do you find the balance between dressing too casually or being overdressed at work a challenge?

Struggle with your body image, your self-confidence needs a boost or you fall into

wearing the same outfits all the time?


Maria, 35

Anna helped me re-discover my style after two children and five countries. I no longer wear the same "safe" jeans/sweater and sneakers combo! I have learned how to combine pieces I already had and add new ones that will fit my current wardrobe.  

Bernarda, 48

It was super nice to have Anna's help on the journey of defining my work wardrobe. I have now done a full week of no jeans and am feeling great. I do get loads of compliments, but also myself feel great about the changes. 

Thomas, 40

Business casual? Smart casual? How does one look presentable without wearing a suit? Anna has answered these questions for me. I no longer doubt what to wear for any (business) occasion. Packing for trips has become simple and quick! 

Pauline, 32

Who knew that getting styled online would be this easy? I was a bit skeptical at first, to be honest. We did wardrobe optimization and online shopping session. I have worked with Anna in person before and the online option was just as convenient and productive! 


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