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Distance is no object

  • Are you too busy for a face to face personal styling session? 

  • Would you like to have a personal stylist but are located outside the Netherlands?

  • Would you prefer not to meet in person but would like the advice of a personal stylist?

We have developed our online stylist and online personal shopper services to meet the needs of people who cannot or prefer not to meet face to face.


Our online packages leverage the best of modern technology to create amazingly effective virtual personal style support that you can enjoy anywhere in the world. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and the knowledge so that you will learn how to choose the best outfits and accessories for you (and your family) forever. 

Our packages are designed around you and your requirements and we aim to support you in the most efficient way possible. Typically we start with asking for our clients to have full body photos taken by someone else ahead of our first online styling session. We will then use this to assess your current style and to develop the basis for improvements for your personal style package.

online personal shopper


We take your style personally. All packages below are mix and matchable. We will be happy to customize our services to your particular style needs. 

WARNING! Side effects include improved self-image, increased self-confidence, more time with your family and fewer visits to the post office 


Modern Laptop







Crossing the Finish Line






Learn how to organize your closet and create new outfits with our careful guidance

  • Firstly, our goal is to determine your personal style and teach you how to dress accordingly

  • We will ask you questions about your workplace dress code and culture and your image goals

  • We will determine which garment shapes are best-suited to your body type. Colour analysis can be booked separately*

  • You will get guidance on how to organize your closet from clutter to neat and keep it that way

  • Choose 15 items you would like us to evaluate for you and create new outfit ideas with

  • You will get clear recommendations on what additional clothing and accessories you need to elevate your style and image

  • We will need 2 x 1,5-hour sessions. Requirements: excellent internet connection, good lighting, photo's of you and your clothes in accordance with our clear instructions

Small wardrobe? Returning client? Contact us for the price indication.

The Complete Personal Styling Experience

Euro 320,- for up to 3 hours, every next hour euro 95,-

✓ Intro chemistry call

✓ Head Stylist Anna

✓ Tailored service offer

✓ Service as described above

✓ Links with recommendations on the items to add

✓ 10% discount on Capsule and Online Shopping  

✓ Follow-up call within 3 months

✓ Technical and coaching support for 3 months

✓ Rate freeze for one year

Just the Essentials

Euro 275,- for up to 3 hours, every next hour euro 85,-

✓ ​Intro chemistry call

✓ Head or Junior Stylist  

✓ Tailored service offer

✓ Service as described above

    Links with recommendations on the items to add

    10% discount on Capsule and Personal Shopping  

✓ Follow-up call within 1 month

✓ Technical support for 1 month

    Rate freeze for one year

Style & wardrobe review


Let us take care of your wardrobe. Concentrate on what matters.

Your Online Personal Shopper

  • We will discuss your style goals, your budget, your body type, and everything we need to know to start shopping

  • Personal shopping is possible for Capsules or for any other pieces / special occasions

  • Capsules are the foundation of a functional wardrobe: it is a combination of mix-and-matchable items that reflect a certain aspect of your lifestyle

  • You will receive a link to the shoppable platform to instantly take you to the online store

  • You order the goods and we arrange a video call to check the fit and provide you with styling tips 

  • After that, you'll have another round of corrections, should that at all be necessary

  • Results, you will end up with a high rate of styles that work and a mix-and-match combination of outfits, or the pieces for your special occasion,  without leaving your home.

  • NEW! Online Educational Shopping: learn to online shop like a Personal Shopper! You will learn how to determine your shopping list, your route, and how to look for the right items for your body shape that will fit your current wardrobe, your image goals, and your lifestyle. 

This service is best used as a continuation of the Style & Wardrobe Review session.

Shopping for a particular item or less than 15 items? Contact us for a price indication! 

The Complete Online Personal Shopper Experience

Euro 280,- for up to 15 items

✓ ​Intro chemistry call

✓ Head Stylist Anna

✓ Tailored service offer

✓ Service as described above

✓ 30 mins outfit Q&A video call 

✓ 10% discount on all services for one year

✓ Rate freeze for one year

✓ Add a virtual style book with up to 20 looks for euro 50,-

Just the Essentials


Euro 235,- for up to 15 items

✓ Intro chemistry call

✓ Junior Stylist  

✓ Tailored service offer

✓ Service as described above

    30 mins outfit Q&A video call 

    10% discount on all services for one year  

    Rate freeze for one year

✓ Add a virtual style book with up to 20 looks for euro 50,-

Online personal shopping

When you need a little guidance and a fresh perspective to (re)-align how you feel with how you look. This service comprises three blocks, which can be booked individually, too. 


  • learn which colours suit your complexion the best

  • how to add colour to your wardrobe without looking like a parrot (unless that's the look you want ;-)

  • how to combine colours for an instant outfit upgrade

  • how to control the impression people have about you by wearing the right colour combinations and prints 

  • because this is an online service, some homework and input from your side are required ahead of the session


  • learn more about your body shape and how to dress it by applying our unique method

  • learn how to choose the right pieces when shopping online or in physical stores

  • reduce the amount of time in the fitting room or the number of returns 

  • NEW: add our shopping recommendations of up to 15 items presented on a directly shoppable platform

  • because this is an online service, some homework and input from your side are required ahead of the session


  • together we will determine your style DNA: the unique formula of your personal style, which allows you to tell about yourself without words

  • with the help of carefully selected questions, we will create a system of filters that will make shopping and the selection of everyday looks easier 

  • get a better understanding of what makes you feel more confident, how to create the right image and overcome wardrobe challenges

The Complete Coaching Experience

Euro 280,- for 2 hours, every next hour euro 95,-

✓ Head Stylist Anna

✓ Tailored service offer

✓ 10% discount on all services for one year

✓ Travel costs*

✓ Rate freeze for one year

✓ Add personalised shopping selection for euro 30,-


Style coaching and advice


  • not sure where to start when it comes to your personal style?

  • want to learn how to dress your children?

  • not happy with your body image?

  • need a boost of self-confidence?

  • hoarding on old stuff and looking for a fresh slate?

  • speaking at a conference? attending a wedding? not sure what to wear to an occasion?


We will be happy to take care of whatever questions you may have. Do not be shy, and drop us a line. 

Become your own stylist
Crossing the Finish Line


5 sessions to boost your self-confidence and learn how to look great always

​Having worked with many women and men I have realised that there is a retuning pattern that has little to do with personal style and more to do with psychological schemes and self-confidence issues. No matter how nice the outfits we create, no matter how many useful and beautiful pieces we buy, the self-saboteur will not allow you to enjoy the new version of you, unless you take care of the underlying issues. If the following applies to you: 

  • you never have time for yourself 

  • you only wear the same dull clothes day in and day out 

  • you shop for everyone in your family but haven't spent anything reasonable on yourself 

  • "This will do" is your attitude to your daily looks

  • you find yourself too big, too thin, too short, or too tall

  • you think you don't deserve to look good

  • you're afraid to stand out and cover behind colourless clothes

  • you're seeing attention, or on the opposite, afraid to attract any kind of attention 

  • you are a hoarder

Not only you will learn how to boost your self-esteem, understand what you want better, and learn to govern your boundaries, you will feel and look your best ever. This time forever. 

This traject will ensure your full transformation. 

The Complete Self-Confidence Boosting Experience

Euro 499,- flat fee

✓ Head Stylist Anna

✓ Priority Bookings

✓ Plan for 5 hours of online training, 1 session a fortnite

✓ Includes practical elements of "Become your own stylist" program

✓ Requires homework and regular meditation practice

✓ Opportunity to spread the payment

✓ Technical support for 6 months


Keep an eye out for our fashion workshops, online or in-person! Fun events where you will learn more about fashion trends and styles. They can be arranged as a personal workshop. They're also an ideal and original way of celebrating a bachelorette party and make for perfect gift or activity for a group of friends.

Anna is regularly invited as a speaker on Fashion Industry, Personal Image and Style problems. She is passionate about the correlation between Self-Confidence and Clothing. 
In-Company workshops tailored to meet organisational dress codes and policies are also possible. Please contact us for more information.
Join our mailing list (link below) to be kept informed about our events and online webinars. 

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Self-confidence through style
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