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Distance is no object

Got a globe-trotting schedule or living beyond the Netherlands? No worries, we've got the perfect style solution for you!

Introducing our Online Stylist and Personal Shopper services – because who says style advice can't be as borderless as your dreams? 

  • Too busy for in-person styling? Our virtual styling sessions fit seamlessly into your bustling schedule. No need to clock extra miles; your new look is just a click away

  • Located outside the Netherlands? No problem! Connect with our stylists wherever you are. Style knows no boundaries, and neither does our expertise.

  • Not a fan of face-to-face meetings? Opt for online advice without sacrificing the personal touch of a stylist. It's like having your fashion fairy godmother on speed dial!

  • Wondering how it works? We will provide you with the easy to follow clear instructions and will apply the latest technology!

Our online packages are a high-tech twist on personal style, bringing the fashion party to you, wherever you are in the world. Our mission? To equip you with the skills and knowledge to rock the best outfits and accessories - forever! 

Ready to redefine your style game? Let's kick it off with a virtual session. Just snap a few full-body pics, and let the style magic begin!


We take your style personally.

All packages below are mix and matchable.

We will be happy to customize our services to your particular style needs. We always start with a discovery call.

We stay ahead of the competition by using the latest technology. Get ahead of the game with us! 

WARNING! Side effects include improved self-image, increased self-confidence, more time with your family and fewer visits to the post office.






Let's break the style monotony together! Are you tired of wearing the same look and need some style inspiration? Not sure what's in fashion, what suits you and where to start when it comes to your style? Curios what a professional would suggest you wear? This service is the ultimate re-boot you're craving, carved in a personalised file aka your killer lookbook!


The process:

  • We'll dig into your lifestyle, your vibes, and give your current style a serious upgrade analysis. 

  • Next stop? Your style destination! We'll map out where you want to go so your wardrobe becomes your secret weapon for smashing those personal and professional goals.

  • Together, we'll whip up a mood board that's not just killer but a mood for the years to come! 


The results:

  • Drumroll, please! You'll get a personalized guide – a treasure trove of recommendations on how to rock your body shape, what colours will make you pop, where to snag those killer pieces, and the pièce de résistance – exact items to recreate the looks from our mood board magic! All links in the file are directly shoppable from a super easy user-friendly platform!

Personalised Style Lookbook 

Euro 250, -

✓ ​2 hours of Zoom broken into two sessions 

✓ Moodboard recommendations

✓ Personalised Lookbook as described above 

✓ 30 mins follow-up zoom call one month later

✓ 10% discount on all services for one year

✓ Rate freeze for one year

personalized shopper
Become your own stylist
Online personal shopping


Are you bored of your current wardrobe? Is it no longer serving you or your goals? Do you dread shopping because nothing seems to fit, like, ever?

 If a brand new, carefully curated wardrobe aligned to your style preferences is the result you're after - look no further!

The Process: ​

  • We'll dive deep into your style dreams, budget vibes, body quirks – basically, everything we need to make you look and feel like a fashion superstar!

  • Whether it's Capsules, special occasions, or just a random spree, we've got your back! Capsules are the secret sauce for a functional wardrobe – a mix-and-match collection tailored to your lifestyle. Buy fewer pieces but create outfits enough for a month! 

  • When shopping for Capsules, plan for 30-60 mins homework which will help us determine your style destination.

  • Shop from Your Couch: Get ready for a shoppable platform that's as easy as pie! Click the link, and voila – you're in the online store of your dreams.

  • Need help figuring out how to rock those pieces? We've got you! Expect explanatory videos to make your styling game strong!

  • Every item comes with backup options – because we believe in overdelivering, always!

  • Order the goods, and although we're sure you'll stat enjoying your wardrobe straight away, we're here to hop on a video call to check the fit and sprinkle some styling magic, if needed.   

  • The Results: Ta-da! You're left with a wardrobe full of styles that work, mix-and-match magic, and killer outfits – all without stepping a foot outside your home! These are at least 20-25 new looks! 

  • NEW! Online Educational Shopping: learn to online shop like a Personal Shopper! You will learn how to determine your shopping list, your route, and how to look for the right items for your body shape that will fit your current wardrobe, your image goals, and your lifestyle. Investment? Euro 115,-/hour, two hours are plenty! 

Shopping for a particular item or less than 15 items? Contact us for a price indication! 

Your capsule wardrobe sorted

Euro 325,- for up to 15 items (good for 20+ looks); excluding shopping budget 

✓ ​Intro chemistry call 

✓ Intake call of 30 mins 

✓ Homework supervision

✓ Shopboard and explanatory video 

✓ 10% discount on all services for one year

✓ Rate freeze for one year

✓ Want to break the looks per day? Add a virtual style book with up to 20 looks for euro 50,-

Style coaching and advice


When you need a little guidance and a fresh perspective to (re)-align how you feel with how you look. Your style starts with the realisation of who you are and what you've got to say to the world. We give you a system of how to translate your message to the wardrobe that helps you reach your private and professional goals. This is a coaching session to introduce you to our famous Style System; deep-dive into your style and practical recommendations. 

The Process: 

  • A Zoom call to learn more about you, and a deep dive into your personality, your habits, and your preferences. We want to know the name of your dog, your favourite pyjamas, and where you like to holiday! 

  • We will explain more about the principles of a working wardrobe and how to build it. We will then dwell more on your style and image goals and how what you wear can influence your life for the better. 

The Results: 

  • learn more about your body shape and how to dress it by applying our unique method

  • learn how to choose the right pieces when shopping online or in physical stores

  • together we will determine your style DNA: the unique formula of your personal style, which allows you to tell about yourself without words

  • with the help of carefully selected questions, we will create a system of filters that will make shopping and the selection of everyday looks easier 

  • get a better understanding of what makes you feel more confident, how to create the right image and overcome wardrobe challenges

  • reduce the amount of time in the fitting room or the number of returns 

  • NEW: add our shopping recommendations of up to 15 items presented on a directly shoppable platform

The Style System Coaching Experience

Euro 180,- for 1,5 hours excluding homework

✓ Head Stylist Anna

✓ Tailored service offer

✓ 10% discount on all services for one year

✓ Rate freeze for one year

✓ Add Personalised Lookbook for 75,- euro

✓ Add 15 personalised shopping recommendations for 30,- euro

1T5A9105 копия_edited.jpg
Style & wardrobe review


Learn how to organize your closet and create new outfits with our careful guidance

  • Firstly, our goal is to determine your personal style and teach you how to dress accordingly

  • We will ask you questions about your workplace dress code and culture and your image goals

  • We will determine which garment shapes are best suited to your body type. 

  • You will get guidance on how to organize your closet from clutter to neat and keep it that way

  • Choose 15 items you would like us to evaluate for you and create new outfit ideas with

  • You will get clear recommendations on what additional clothing and accessories you need to elevate your style and image

  • We will need 2 x 1.5-hour sessions. Requirements: excellent internet connection, good lighting, photos of you and your clothes in accordance with our clear instructions

Small wardrobe? Returning client? Contact us for the price indication.

Style and Wardrobe Review

Euro 350,- for up to 3 hours

✓ Intro chemistry call

✓ Homework supervision

✓ Service as described above

✓ Shoppable links with recommendations on the items to add

✓ 10% discount on all services for one year  

✓ Follow-up call within 3 months

✓ Technical and coaching support for 1 month

✓ Rate freeze for one year

wardrobe stylist
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