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When you start, everything is difficult and you don't know whether you're on the right track. 

Many many years ago, just like you, I knew I wanted to help women and men with their personal style but didn't know where to start. Just like you, I had to find a way to build my business plan, learn everything about marketing and sales, find my first clients, grow my confidence and overcome my inner critic. 
I regularly get emails from beginning stylists inviting me for coffee in exchange for learning about my experience. A part of being a professional is the realisation that your time is your biggest asset. Unfortunately, I have learned the hard way that not everyone shares this level of professionalism, often approaching me with either too easily googlable questions or too private ones. 
For those who are serious about their styling business and those who are looking for a mentorship, I have developed the following plan, which (unlike oh so many courses out there) will put you into action rather than overthinking:

  • coffee with Anna: 1,5 hours of borrowing my brain for euro 150-, plus vat, which is meant to give you the answers to your most burning questions and actionable steps on how to take your styling business to the next level;

  • follow-up mentorship: euro 115,-/hour plus vat;

  • practice with "real" clients: from euro 50,- plus vat (initial "coffee" session is required)


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