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Getting started is never a walk in the park, and that uncertainty can be a real challenge. 

Way back, just like you, I was eager to make a mark in helping women with their style. But, let's be real, I was pretty clueless about where to even begin.

Sound familiar?

I had to figure out the whole business plan thing, dive into the world of marketing and sales, find those first clients, and tackle my own self-doubt head-on.

Now, I get a bunch of emails from aspiring stylists wanting to grab a coffee and pick my brain, and I totally get it. But here's the deal: I've learned the value of time the hard way. Not everyone approaches it with the same level of professionalism, often hitting me up with either too-easy-to-google questions or things that are a bit too personal.

For those dead serious about their styling game and hungry for mentorship, here's the plan. Unlike a ton of other courses out there, this one's about action and real results:


Coffee with Anna: Spend 90 mins diving into my brain for €150 (plus VAT). Get answers to your burning questions and solid steps to level up your styling hustle.


Follow-up Mentorship: €120/hour plus VAT. We usually aim for 1 session a month. 


Practice with "Real" Clients: Starting from €50 plus VAT (after the initial "coffee" session).

And hey, if your reaction is: "I can't swing this investment right now," that's your cue to make the leap pronto!


Quit overthinking, and let's get down to business! Get in touch today!

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