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Personal Stylist Amsterdam

Hi! I am Anna and I am the stylist, founder and owner of The Panachery (from the word “panache” = flamboyant confidence of style or manner).

Born in Moscow and raised in Russia and Ukraine, with part of my family living in California and having lived as an expat in the Netherlands for the past 15 years, I consider myself a true citizen of the world.

I have many years of experience in the fashion industry and an eye for detail. More importantly, I care. I love helping people discover themselves and improve their self-image and confidence by improving their personal styling.

I know that you're busy and respect your time by working in the most efficient manner possible. This includes providing personal styling services online.

I apply a structured approach in selecting the outfits, accessories and developing the look that will be perfect for you.​


My personal mission is to make my clients feel confident about their image because aligning who we are on the inside with what we project on the outside improves how they are perceived both personally and professionally.

When I am not available for traveling or booking, I call in the help of carefully chosen Stylists who share The Panachery approach and vision. Your wardrobe is always in great hands!

To help you figure out if you actually need advice if it is going to pay off and whether we are the right match please read some posts here

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