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My name is Anna

Hey there! I'm Anna, the brains, and heart behind The Panachery (you know, from the word “panache,” which is all about that flamboyant confidence in style!).


Originally from Moscow, but my roots spread across Russia, Ukraine, and California. Spent the last two decades as an expat soaking up the Dutch vibes. I like to think of myself as a true citizen of the world.


With a ton of experience in the fashion game and a keen eye for detail, what really fuels me is helping women and men uncover their style, boost their self-image, and rock that confidence.


I get it; life's a whirlwind, and your time is precious. That's why I'm all about efficiency! I promise you won't find anyone working more effectively than me.


I use the latest technology in Styling. I constantly improve my knowledge and skills. Do you know many stylists with a diploma in Psychology? That helps me help you with the underlying traits of your shopping behaviour.


My approach? Think of it like a well-organized closet – selecting killer outfits, nailing the accessories, and crafting a look that's uniquely you. It's not just about today; it's a system that'll have you looking fab for years.


My mission? To make you feel downright awesome about your image. Because when what's on the inside aligns with what's on the outside, magic happens. It's a game-changer, both personally and professionally.

To help you figure out if you actually need advice, if it is going to pay off and whether we are the right match, please read some blog posts here.

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