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Stylish face mask - personal stylist recommends.

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Let’s agree on two things, shall we? I am no medical expert and my recommendations are purely aesthetic. Neither do I want to take part in the discussion of the necessity of the masks 🙅🏻‍♀️


for myself I decided to look into buying a few to make sure my clients feel more comfortable during consults 😷

And they are obligatory if you are planning to use public transportation in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

🩺 Naturally, “tech” specs are the most important criterion. However for me, looking as stylish as possible, definitely comes next.

At first, I was overwhelmed with the choice. But then I sat down and wrote a list of considerations which hopefully will help you make your process a bit easier ☺️

🧼 look at the shape and the print. If your face is already wide you may want to avoid very square ones or the ones with horizontal lines in the print. Or, correspondingly, go for them, if your face is a long oval.

🧼 decide where you want the attention: on your eyes, or on the mask? Colours closer to the skin tone will make your eyes stand out more than contrasting colour/print which will draw attention to the mask.

🧼 remember colours reflect the light and e.g. dark blue tones, green ones or greys can create a sick appearance! Everything you know about your contrast and your best colours can and should be applied to masks.

🧼 women may need to look into more eye make up, especially if you opt for a brighter/darker face mask.

🧼 face masks are a great way to express yourself. You can put your name on it, opt for your favourite characters, or go neutral for a more “serious” situation.

🧼 make sure the style of the mask fits the style of the rest of your outfit. Dressed up for a business meeting? A mask with Sponge Bob is probably not your first choice

Funny to see how understanding proportions, geometry and your best colours can even be applied to such a "minor" accessory as a mask!

Personally I am looking forward to seeing all the designer face masks, and will keep you posted on the developments.

Let me know if this post was useful and share it with your friends! The fact that we must wear them doesn't mean we will need to stop being stylish!

Stay safe,


PS. Photo's are courtesy of Etsy.


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