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Personal stylist's tips on how to survive quarantine in style.

Updated: Feb 10, 2021


Remember how we were skeptical about some "mild flu" virus a few weeks ago? No matter where you stand on social distancing, herd immunity, epidemiology and other concepts that have suddenly entered our life, you cannot help but notice that your life has changed. For good? I don't know. I am just a personal stylist. And even though (as my friends would agree) I indulge in hours of existential discussions, I am aware that this platform is probably not the right one for this discussion anyway.

What I would like to share with you are my thoughts on spending the quarantine in a stylish and guilt-free way. If you also feel like everyone expects you to reach new spiritual heights, learn a new language, read the whole Dostoevsky and visit all virtual museums of the world - I am applauding you if you will, but I will be with you if you won’t.

It is amazing how much pressure people put on themselves in the times that are hard as they are. Humans are creatures of habit and breaking those habits is a huge stress. Now add what it seems all of your friends studying French and following Oxford classes online - and you are guaranteed the company of FOMO and anxiety for the long and uncertain period of time.

"Most likely, no-one is doing anything"

Most likely, no-one is doing anything. So breathe out and read on how this personal stylist is doing to stay sane. Perhaps one or two of these ideas might work for you too? Feel free to share them on social media and tag your friends!


Your personal style of body and mind:

  • reduce the amount of information you consume and choose wisely. At some point I found myself watching news outlets in all five languages I can speak. Not good. Much "information" is just opinions anyway. Separate facts from opinions. Quality talk shows and forums are great but contagious.

  • eat healthily and move. It is challenging I get it. If you have kids at home - twice as challenging. But the last thing you want is to exit the quarantine with extra kilos’, love handles, cellulite, and poor health. What you put on your plate is now the easiest thing you can control. Put up a reminder and do 10 sit-ups each hour. Walk to the supermarket if you can (will also prevent you from stocking up). Use those stairs, corridors, furniture for exercises. As long as we can go outside there is no excuse for not doing it because your health depends on it!

"What you put on your plate is now the easiest thing you can control"
  • experiment: cook a new dish, try doing your make-up in a new way, take a cold shower, read before breakfast, wake up earlier, install a new app - anything to keep your brain occupied with non-virus things.

  • if you don’t do it yet - now is the great time to learn meditation.

  • do not allow yourself to walk in your pj’s for longer than a day. If you are reading this blog, you most likely interested in style. Well, style is not only what you wear to the office, or to a formal dinner. Style is how you treat yourself when no-one is looking. It is also about what you walk your dog in and sleep in. It is about what you wear at home and your grooming. Respect yourself by being stylish at home. Be the positive example to your close ones.

Staying stylish and productive at home:

  • schedule your day ahead. I find it easier to plan 2-3 days ahead instead of weeks / the whole quarantine period. Things are changing so quickly now that not only you need to find the new rhythm, you are required to be able to adjust it once new information comes in. I, therefore, plan only a couple of days ahead. I find it easier to hold myself accountable, too. Kids won’t remember the long-term planning anyway but do well with a day per day to-do lists.

  • dream and plan. Now that you’ve got more time to allow yourself to dream. What is it that you would like to learn? Where do you see yourself in a few years? Write it down. I don’t think it is realistic to put the burden of achieving all of these things in the quarantine time. However, having these thoughts on paper will guide you towards the first steps when you do have the time and courage.

  • organize your house. Yes, wardrobe organization is a part of it and can easily be done online. I am going to launch an online step plan for you to follow that is super easy and guarantees long-lasting results. Stay tuned.

"Wardrobe organization can easily be done online"

Your style print on others

  • spend quality time with your kids. Confession: I am shocked by all the memes of parents going crazy from staying at home with their children. Why did you bring them to life in the first place if you don’t like them now???? Reconsider your parenting practices. Your children are the reflection of the choices and actions you were taking all this time. Take this responsibility. Realize you may have made some mistakes, use this time to start building new practices and work on the relationship with your offsprings!

  • schedule regular check-ins with your family and friends. Do group chat video’s over a glass of wine. Watch Netflix together. FaceTime your parents instead of texting them. Encourage your kids to do the same. Despite growing up with devices it is shocking how little young generation knows about sustaining friendship in a digital way. Don’t be that person who disappeared off everyone’s radar and popped up a year later as if nothing has happened.

  • support local businesses as much as you can. The times are hard for your favorite coffee spots, hairdressers, beauticians, nail salons, bakeries, kids shops - everyone that I believe we start appreciating more now that we cannot access them. Let’s make sure we support them when things come back to normal or even now. If you are creative and can think of a way to contribute to their incomes don’t wait. Do it now. Go outside when your cleaner is cleaning the house. Ring up your local pizzeria and ask for a delivery. Ask for your car to be washed by a mobile washing brigade. I pro-actively think: which services can I still afford and who can I help now in these turbulent times? Which services can be moved online?


...and the most important

  • don’t beat yourself up. So your marriage is not great. Your kids are monsters. You haven’t learned French and haven’t got a Ph.D. in nuclear science in these weeks of quarantine. Your business is in the drain. You are alive. You are healthy. You will pull through. Everything is figureoutable. You are not alone. Reach out for help. Analyze your actions. Be brave.


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