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Little black dress on a stylist holiday

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Do you know one of the things we do during closet organisation? We think of as many sets with your current items as possible! The more basic items you have the more sets you can put together. That is the beauty of a good basic item, and maybe the whole point of it.

So you know when having many interesting sets consisting of few items comes in particularly handy? On a holiday! Why carrying half of the closet with you, when you can create various moods by working with accessories, shoes and other basic items? On my last trip which was two weeks long, I packed the smallest number of pieces in the history of my travels, although the journey consisted of multiple destinations, all requiring a different twist on your wardrobe (city, beach, glam and hiking!)

To give you an impression of how much one can achieve with a simple slip-on dress I have put together several looks, all different in character and requiring minimum extra’s.

To be honest with you, I could probably have packed all two weeks based on this one black slip-on dress (yes, including hiking moments!), but I figured this would have been a tiny bit too extreme.

So let the pictures speak for themselves!

I bought this Mango dress on sale for.... euro 29,99! Here is the "original" version:

Why I I fell for it? The dress consists of the slip-on black part and the lace part. Below you will find the variations on the slip-on part. The lace version on a naked body is probably a bit too spicy for this blog...or could I wear it over another dress...hmmm...Will try and post!

When I wear both parts together I love combining the look with long earrings.

For a romantic feel add a small scarf, but if you are bored with the idea of wearing it on your neck, try your wrist or even the ankles!

Glasses: Tom Ford. Scarf: Moschino Dress: Mango Shoes: Tods

For the evenings I used another basic item that services me well: a kimono with a fringe. Who needs a boring cardigan when you can add instant glamour with this piece??

Feeling a bit edgy? Well, I did. But unfortunately the only rock n roll pieces I had were these metal necklaces. But imagine adding chains, spikes and leather. Grrrrrr!

Dress: Mango Shoes: Tods Glasses: Tom Ford Accessories: Mandy Meville

Some nights were unexpectedly cold so I borrowed a friend's mens pullover and pulled up the dress with a belt, to make sure a feminine body shape was visible underneath a large male sweater. Contrasts work!

Dress: Mango Sweater: Ralph Lauren Choker: H&M

And the last, but not least: remember the little scarf we worked with before? I used it as a belt to shorten the dress and change its shape. Simple does it!

Dress: Mango Belt/Scarf: Moschino Shoes: Tods

No make up, simple hair, a few accessories and flat shoes only (was a deliberate choice). Add all of these and you will have ten looks more!

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