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9 streets shopping addresses: Personal Stylist from Amsterdam recommends

9 straatjes / 9 streets is a popular shopping destination in Amsterdam. Dozens of stores, which one to choose? With my recommendation, you will not get lost.


9 straatjes is the shopping area comprised of 9 streets (duh!) just outside the main touristic area near the Dam and Rokin. The Hartenstraat, Wolvenstraat, Huidenstraat, Reestraat, Runstraat, Berenstraat, Gasthuismolensteeg, Oude Spiegelstraat and Wijde Heisteeg are the streets between the world-famous canals: Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht.

When it comes to shopping, Amsterdam does not have any "proper" shopping malls which means that the stores are spread throughout the city. So it is really convenient to at least have them in proximity to each other!

P.C.Hooftstraat is the most luxurious shopping neighbourhood, Leidsestraat and its surroundings will cater highstreet+ clients, Utrechtsestraat is getting more buzz with more and more stores opening their doors there, and last, but touristically not least, Kalverstraat is the high street valhalla.


9 streets shopping

9 streets offer a nice mix of shops, but also cafes and restaurants, and you can easily spend the whole day there. It is just as a tourist destination as the shopping location for the locals.

I regularly shop there with my clients. The proximity of the stores, together with an opportunity to have a nice cup of coffee and lunch, ensure a perfect shopping experience.

The choice of the stores will depend on the client's taste, personal style, shopping list, and budget.

Pricepoint-wise, brands presented on the 9 streets are mid-range+ brands. Do not expect Zara's and H&Ms types. Paul Smith and Ganni will probably be the most upscale stores for the time being, now that Acne Studios have decided to leave the Netherlands.

Shopping route 9 streets

If you are shopping on your own, my suggestion would be to dive in from any side of the rectangle and walk your way around. When I am shopping with clients, I plan the route in advance depending on our goals.

Brands and stores not to miss

The list below is by far not the complete list of all interesting stores. I strongly recommend checking the official website of the 9 streets, if your time is limited. It will help you find the particular brands you are looking for. However, the names of many stores may not tell you much as they are multibrand hubs. Go and explore!


Elandsgracht 120, Amsterdam

Bags Selection at Apc
A.P.C. store in Amsterdam

Ironically, I want to start with a store technically not in the 9 streets rectangular but just minutes walking from it. A.P.C. is a French brand offering minimalist basics. Their bags quickly entered the "it" bag selection a few years ago and have conquered the hearts of many women. If I need to offer a basic every day "goes with everything" bag, APC will be in the selection!

A.P.C. store in Amsterdam

Smaak Amsterdam

Berenstraat 39, Amsterdam

Smaak Amsterdam 9 streets

One of the Dutch pride and joy export products - Smaak (which in Dutch means taste) Amsterdam offers what is perhaps the unbeatable sweet ratio of quality, design, and money. Ninety percent of their bags will become the foundation of your everyday wardrobe. Several popular models come in a large variety of colours, too. My go-to brand when I am looking for a quality bag that does not scream brand.

It is also a present I often give to my friends abroad. Proud!

Rain Couture

Berenstraat 17, Amsterdam

Rain Couture Store 9 streets

Another Dutch brand Rain Couture offers the solution to the most popular question my international clients ask me: "How to look stylish and be warm in the rain?"

Daphne Gerritse, the founder of the brand, is still personally involved in all aspects of the business and is often found in the store.

She managed to create the perfect winter/raincoat: versatile, multifunctional, made from sustainable fabrics, and looking amazing. With some coats you cannot even tell they are actually waterproof so good is the model and the fabric, yet completely protecting you from the rain.

Should you decide you need a winter coat that is also rainproof, drop me a line for some extra attention and benefits in the store.

Scotch & Soda

Berenstraat 15, Amsterdam

Scotch & Soda store 9 streets

I admit I am biased when it comes to Scotch&Soda as I was a part of the HQ team just before I started my personal styling business. It could be the reason why I so believe in their product - I know how much attention and passion goes into its creation. Scotch&Soda once started as a menswear brand but quickly added female styles. Their international success is fully deserved. With stores all over the world, Scotch&Soda has proven that happy, original, funky designs can easily be wearable every day.

This brand is particularly strong in denim, coats, unorthodox prints, and quality fabrics.

All staff are trained to be exceptionally professional, so do use their expertise if you need help!

Samsoe & Samsoe

Wolvenstraat 31, Amsterdam

Samsoe&Samsoe store 9 streets

Scandinavian design lovers, this one is for you! The brand was founded by two brothers in Copenhagen, in 1993 and has quickly gained an international reputation.

Timeless pieces, in contemporary designs and everything but boring fabrics and colours guarantee success.

Coats, shoes, accessories but also knitwear and .... basics (underneath shirts, t-shirts, cardigans) are what I value at the brand.

Personal Shopping at Summum

Summum Woman

Hartenstraat 6, Amsterdam

Another Dutch brand and another success story! Summum may be less known, but I am sure this is not for long. The brand has captured the essence of the Dutch business style - 'ingetogen' yet quirky! They are strong at business and office wear, with a twist. Summum's collections are not small and usually consist of several colour palettes to choose from.

I am a big fan of their personal approach: you always get attention and top-notch advice. Are you planning to visit the store? Let me know and I will arrange a nice bonus for you!

The brand carries a broad size range and is ideal for plus-size and tall clients.

Cos Stores

Hartenstraat 23, Amsterdam

Cos 9 streets

Cos is one of those "love it or hate it" brands: they either fit your style DNA or leave you puzzled.

Minimalist, yet very architectural designs, quality fabrics, plain colours with seldom prints, Cos is ideal for straight body shapes, pregnant women and those who cannot live in anything tailored.

There I shop for coats, oversized everything, shoes Always modern and never a misbuy. Knock on wood!

Essentiel Antwerp

Hartenstraat 34-36, Amsterdam

Did it take me some time to understand the essence of this brand? Essentiel Antwerp was born in Belgium. When you first enter their store you get oversaturated by colours! Your first reaction is: "How am I supposed to wear this in real life?" Well, as practice shows, you can!

Choose one statement piece, or go all in and combine what seems uncombinable at the first sight.

This brand works surprisingly well for creative and marketing types out there.

Although I am convinced that everyone can find something at Essentiel.

It is my go-to store for statement jewelry, scarves, and accessories, but also unusual cuts and designs. Give this brand a try!

Ba&Sh 9 streets Amsterdam


Hartenstraat 26, Amsterdam

If LVMH is backing up this French brand you know it is probably worth your attention.

Found by Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief (the name is comprised of the two letters of their names) the brand is all about effortless chic.

Modern, feminine, sleek yet rebellious - the brand seems to have understood the multifaceted nature of a woman.

Slightly boho, so only shop if it is a part of your style DNA.

Ganni store Amsterdam


Runstraat 17, Amsterdam

A luxury brand with lower-end prices is what described Ganni the best. It is a cult brand from Denmark and is one of the best-selling ones too!

Expect quirky silhouettes, rouches, unorthodox fabrics, and unusual usual. Shop for t-shirts, trousers, dresses, footwear, and bags!


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