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Why you may need to consider wardrobe organisation - Personal Stylist explains

Let’s face it. If you are reading this, chances are that you regularly find yourself in front of your closet which is full, but yeap, “there is nothing to wear”.

What do you mean nothing to wear? Almost all of the closets certainly don't look like it! They are full of stuff! But why do you always wear your black pants you wore yesterday and the day before, and your favourite sweater that you may have worn already twice this week…

Who cares?

YOU care. Because how you look matters, and you have realised it. You just haven't handled it yet.

1. If you are not sure how to start – start by realising that you are not alone.

Most typical closets we come across are full of:

  • Almost identical items

  • Grey, beige, black and white colours

  • Badly fitting clothes

  • Old making items

  • Worn out pieces

  • Emotionally attached things you do not want to get rid of because of memories

  • Clutter

What they are almost never full of:

  • Clothes that fit you like a glove

  • Clothes that accentuate your best features

  • Items that make you look fresh as a daisy

  • Endless mix and match possibilities

  • Colour

  • Print

  • Carefully chosen quality fabrics that will last a lifetime

  • Careful organisation of space

2. The next step – is applying your critical eye to detect those worthless items and to understand what quality items exactly need to be added instead. This is the part when most people surrender and call in the help of a professional. You cannot help it: it is extremely difficult to look at yourself with fresh eyes and set aside paradigms you have been relying on for many many years. On top of that, it is simply a lot of work.

We once made a calculation: one of our clients admitted she tried closet cleaning herself. Over the course of one week, she spent 18 (!) hours trying everything on, making endless selfies and nagging her husband for his opinion (as if you are going to get an honest answer to "Do I look fat in these pants, honey?").

In the end, the closet was neat and sorted out, but she had no idea what to buy to avoid previous mistakes! Needless to say, the whole process with a professional would have taken 4 hours total, including coffee breaks and a bunch of useful facts about the fashion industry.

3. Imagine you managed to get yourself together and find time for this undertaking. Your closet is neat, structured, full of interchangeable items that reflect your style and lifestyle.

Congratulations! Now please, for the sake of the planet, your wallet and your time, do not fall into the traps that led you to the clutter again. You have earned your tabula rasa – think well about what you want to write on it. There is only one you, YOU deserve the best, and the world is eager to get acquainted with the best version of you!

We have put together a slideshow explaining how we usually approach Wardrobe Detoxing.


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