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Your Holiday Season simple shopping guide

It is that time of the year... well, almost!

Don’t you just love Holiday Season? Long evenings with friends, cosy home parties, corporate events, family dinners – the month of December is full of social moments and they all require proper attire.

For casual situations, I like indulging into Holiday atmosphere by spicing up my otherwise day-to-day look: sparkling jewellery, silk scarves, colourful gloves, interesting shoes, a bit more make up – they are all little effort to elevate your daily wardrobe.

A formal setting, however, requires a more calculated approach. Here are some questions you may want to consider before heading to (online) stores:

  • What is the venue?

  • What is the dress code?

  • How will I get there (affects the choice of footwear)?

  • Is it warm inside?

  • Will I be able to spend the whole evening comfortably in my outfit?

  • Do I have matching shoes, bag (somehow everyone always forgets about this one!), hair and make up ideas?

  • Will I be able to wear the item more often?

  • How versatile is the item? Can I adapt it to various situations?

When it comes to shopping for your perfect party look, there are some easy guidelines to consider to guarantee stress free experience:

1. Festive Fabric

It is no secret that lace, satin, organza, sequins, velvet instantly add festivity to any otherwise usual piece of clothing. Choose the dress that you know suits your figure and look for an interesting fabric or details. Long dresses, especially in an deep (dark) colour, seem to do the trick as well. And remember, the fancier the dress, the less accessories it will need:

2. Playsuits and jumpsuits

Playsuits and jumpsuits are my personal favourite when it comes to party outfits. They are super comfortable, do not require many accessories, guarantee to attract attention and are simply fun.

3. Suits

Fabric plays an important role here. Choose velvet to add the festiveness or go for everyday wool/silk blend with an interesting (sheer) blouse. Suits are versatile, can be re-used and re-styled for different occasions, and are a safe bet when you are not sure what everyone else will be wearing:

4. One plus one

One of the easiest ways to create a party look is to add one festive piece keeping the rest of the look simple and quiet. Look for a pant or a skirt in a shiny fabric, or an interesting jacket, add funky shoes or accessories and you are good to go. This trick is especially handy when you have no time or place to change and have to attend the occasion straight out of office:

5. Accessorise!

Have the right accessories and a good basic wardrobe and you never have to worry about what to wear to any occasion. Hats, scarves, gloves add a fabulous twist to your outfit. This is the simplest and the easiest way to look instantly more stylish. Choose statement jewellery to add accents to your plain (needs to be polished!) look. There is nothing wrong with keeping it simple!

Have a great Holiday Season, everyone! And remember, if you have any questions, or need help shopping, we are always at your service. Tag us in your December photo's on Instagram and win a free styling session!

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