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Men's style: 5 ideas to upgrade your Fall'17 look

Oh boys, boys, boys! So often I hear you complain that there is nothing new to buy for you, that your choices are limited, that fashion is women oriented.

Your fashion playground may not be as large as the one of the ladies', but it surely contains most interesting equipment! When it comes to "limitations" in the number of clothing categories (although I can only think of dresses), I would like to remind you of the broad variety of shapes, fabrics, styles, colours and combo variations you can turn to. Yes, you heard it right: do not blame the playground if you do not know how to ride the carousel!

Here is our list of 5 ideas how you could spice up your wardrobe this Fall. Yes, you too can be trendy. And it is easier than you think.

1. Checkmate

The check print is everywhere. And we mean everywhere. The print can be subtle, it can be "in your face", it can be grey, it can be blue - everything goes. The bigger your posture the bigger the print. Incorporate it in your suits, your coats, your socks, your sweaters, blazers, shirts and your underwear. Even the most strict office environment can handle some subtle check print.

2. Slogan sweaters, sweatshirts and T shirts

It is absolutely cool to say what you mean by wearing some funky text on your sweatshirt!

3. Corduroy

This may seem like the most old-fashioned fabric ever. But look how interesting it becomes when used with modern silhouettes and combined with funky fabrics like denim and leather.

4. Very puffed and very quilted.

Speaks for itself. The bigger the better in this case.

5. Turtlenecks

A classic with a modern twist. Look for a modern, longer and straighter cut. Achieve a younger look by going "half-way" with semi-neck turtlenecks. If they are in red (hottest colour of the season) - it is even better. If they are in velvet (hottest fabric of the coming Spring season) - you killed two birds with one stone.

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