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What I will be buying this Fall

FallWinter'17 fashion trends

Is it me or it looks like Fall is arriving early this year?

Or, as some would argue, it surely looks like we never had any summer.

Positive thinking, ON! Fall gives us an opportunity to update our wardrobes and is a favourite season for many stylists (hint: just because you can wear more clothes than in hot blistering weather).

If you are familiar with my philosophy you know I am not pushing to follow trends every season,

rather insisting on a wardrobe that looks contemporary. This can be created by adding a few trendy items every now and then, making sure you choose trends that stay for a few seasons and will not shout "passé" a couple of years after you bought them. This approach is more sustainable, saves you money but at the same time does not make you look like you are back from the actual 1980’s (you are welcome to be from the fashion 80’s this Fall, by the way).

Now I am confident that media and retailers have already made sure you are familiar with most trends of the coming season. If you believe you have not been targeted I invite you to Google “Fall/Winter’17 trends” to realise you probably have been. In fact, I encourage you to Google the trends for the coming season every time you are planning on visiting a store. Just to make sure your item won’t be outdated by the time you brought it home (especially true if you are a fan of Sale Shopping or Sample Sales).

To save you the trouble of typing and browsing :) here are a couple of websites to look at today:

(Yes, I value my time not to repeat the work done by 20.000 other bloggers and I am sending you to external sources):

Now let’s start with the overview of the items I would recommend myself to buy to upgrade my wardrobe this Fall. I usually aim at getting an item which would combine a few trends , which does not represent an over-used trend, and always make sure it will combine well with other pieces in my wardrobe. It is easy to get overwhelmed in a store so hopefully my pick of the (micro)trends will help.


FOOTWEAR: I would like to start with Footwear. As usual, Footwear is a great platform for experimenting with trends. That's right, if a dress in the hottest colour of the season (Red!) scares you, how about a red shoe? Personally, I will be looking for a funny heel, something in red and white (yes, hello 80’s) and cannot miss on the biggest trend: slouchy boots. And I may trow in the micro trends of the season: pearls and feathers!


RED: As usual, there is one colour that seems to be everywhere and this season it is red. Would not mind a splash of colour this winter? Buy the shade that suits you and profit from the energy the colour will be giving you (not sure which red to go for? Book a colour advice session to find out!)


DRESSES/SKIRTS/TROUSERS For trousers: choose slimming panel trousers or palazzo if your height allows. For tops and dresses: try a funky cut-out, metal rings, red colour, velour, curious sleeves. For skirts - the more asymmetrical the better, swap leather for vinyl. Try trousers suits. Trouser suit is one of the most fashion forward silhouettes at the moment. Wear it casually with a sneaker and a t-shirt or dress it up with a pump and a blouse. And if you are going for one, make sure the cut is modern. And even better: kill two birds with one stone by choosing the super trendy fabric of the season - the check. The check applies to all categories above. Remember, I love killing two fashions birds with one stone.


Subtle FEATHERS: now this is not the most user and machine wash friendly trend you can imagine. Feathers, really? Now I do not mean we will all be wearing feather boa's but a feather or two on your shoe, in your broche, on your sweater will create an elegant and feminine touch. And you will thank me for the idea when the Holiday season arrives!


PEARLS Now this is one of the micro trends that is subtle and elegant and adds class. Works great on a contrast fabric, like a sweatshirt.


As I am finishing this article, I realise there are so many other fun novelties I want to try this season! Like Victorian collars, vinyl, military hats, berets, sheepskin coats, glitters... I love Fashion! What a great playground it is!

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