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Sale Shopping - What do I buy?

Even if you are not a shopaholic (or especially if you are one) the big letters Sale could not have escaped your attention. Now there are two ways to get around this time of the year – “buy buy buy and regret” and “buy and be pleased”.

It is not difficult to fall into the first category when the whole retail world seems to be hunting after your wallet. Let’s not forget that Sale is a marketing trick used by retailers to reach their sales kpi’s, and all the discounts are carefully calculated. However, with a healthy shopping attitude from your side this could be turned into a win-win situation.

Sale for me is the time to become structured and passionate at the same time. While I allow myself to buy something I do not necessarily need, most of my purchases are carefully programmed. Consumerism is a flu, which spreads particularly fast during the Sale season.

What is it that I am after during the Summer Sale?


Summer shoes, sandals, slip-ons, etc - the key word here is Neutrality. Also, shoes is probably the only thing I always buy ahead of the season. If you look carefully you will find autumn and winter appropriate footwear in most shoe stores. Brogues, oxfords, sneakers, ankle boots – you name it. If you can wear it in summer rain chances are you can wear it during European winter, too. I look for neutral colours (grey, maroon, silver, bronze, blue, black). Yes, trying on a pair of ankle boots when you are sweating from the heat may seem odd, but you will think yourself in two months. I promise.

Stockings and socks. Lingerie. Nightwear

These clothing items are least fashion sensitive. But can be quite pricey. Sale is the wonderful opportunity to upgrade your lingerie drawer if you usually shop at budget stores like H&M (you will be able to tell the difference, I guarantee), expand your colour palette (try wearing wine colour stockings with your LBD, or bright bra underneath a white tee) or finally ditch those worn out pj’s.


Pencil skirts. White shirts. Cashmere. Trench Coats. Pashmina scarves. Classic Denim. Hats. Anything that belongs to the grounding stones for your wardrobe. Those items that are not trend sensitive and can last a few seasons.

Super trendy items

Some trends, when they emerge, just don’t do it for you. Some take time to adapt and warm up to. Sale is the time to experiment with the new shapes, colours, fabrics, textures.

Try to go with the trends that will last for a few seasons more, rather than jumping on the passing train. Go on the internet and google trends of the fall-winter season 2018 and look for those items in the stores, for example.

Designer items

Well, this one is obvious, isn’t it. Again, the rule of thumb is not to buy season hottest trend on sale and stick to the classics. The thing with the trendy luxury items is that they “scream” a certain collection. In the fashion it-world wearing a “SS2015” Gucci is a no-no (yeah, I know, it’s terrible…) Just don’t buy something you have been seeing on all Instagram posts, and get a classic instead.


This one is my favourite part. This is where I splurge. Jewellery is one of the easiest ways to play with your look, and the same outfit can go various ways depending on how you accessorise it.

Finally, a few notes on shopping during Sale:

  • Go with a list, but allow an irrational buy, too.

  • Go in the morning, when high street shops still look presentable.

  • Go alone or with a best friend.

  • During the off-sale season make photos of the items you’d like to get on Sale and buy them straight away when the Sale begins.

  • If it is a particular item you are after it makes sense to compare prices online.

  • Sale or no sale, do not buy anything you are not 100% sure about. If you wouldn’t pay the full price for it, chances are you shouldn’t buy it for 70% off either.

  • Shop in mono-brands as they usually have more sizes in stock.

  • Two rounds of Sale shopping are usually enough. Try the first-second week when most sizes are still available and then closer to the end, when all returns are processed (helps with finding the right size) and additional discounts added.

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