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Personal stylist's solutions to surviving Dutch weather in style

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Personal Shopper , Stylist Amsterdam guide to rain coats
Personal Shopper Anna in the Rain Couture store in Amsterdam

One of the most popular questions from expats is...

Personal stylist, help me figure out how to look stylish in the rain? In a country where it rains 18 days out of 30 this is indeed an important question.

Whether you need to run errands for your family or go to work, weather is one of the factors that will impact the choice of your clothing for the day.

Below you will find a few ideas for surviving Dutch weather in style.

Shopping guide for: Rubber boots

What used to be a grandma shoe is now having a major moment with more brands than ever offering their versions of the rain protector Hunter is the biggest player on the market, and enjoys the blessing of the British Royal family. Several models and all colours possible make it my go-to solution for the whole family. Other brands, from very budget to very chic, offer a shorter version of the boot. I personally believe the shorter boot is the easiest to combine with skirts and pants. You can always wear a longer sock if you’re looking for extra warmth My recommendation? Opt for a shorter model, not in black (dark purple, grey, bordeaux work best), wear it for the short period of time (no sweaty feet in the boot that seriously cannot “breathe”) and make it a fashion accessory you are proud of! Boys - go for the taller version, or a very simple model of the lower one (see Hunter).


Shopping guide for: Umbrellas

Umbrella is the first thing that comes to mind when you see rain on the forecast. I believe this is one of the most underrated accessories out there!

I am 100% sure you own an umbrella or two. But honestly, what were your criteria when you were buying one? Was it a funky colour? Weight? Size? Brand? You see, there are much more to an umbrella than meets the eye in the first place.

Here is a personal stylist approach to an umbrella:

Choose colours that compliment your outfit! Match it to your outerwear or most colours in your wardrobe if we are talking summer showers. This will create a polished sleek look. Another thing to keep in mind is the reflection on your skin. Olive/green/grey colours can make you look sick. Ouch!

The style of the umbrella. Wether you are a teenager, a creative, a big boss or a an active lady a make sure your umbrella matches the style of your wardrobe. Trust me, it looks really weird when a man in a suit carries an umbrella with fruit or funny animals on it.

When you have mastered the above you will understand that a quality stick umbrella is the best investment you can make. Because even when it’s folded it can become a subtle accessory you can work with!

Usually you would have one quality stick umbrella in universal colours and one light quality folded umbrella to keep with you dry during unexpected rain.

The choice of umbrella’s is enormous. I love wooden handles. Quality. Well-built models. Transparent umbrella’s are now having a big moment and are the easiest to work with. Logo’s and brands are fine when done with style!


Shopping guide for: Rain Coats

Those umbrellas are fine, stylist, but I bike to work, I carry babies/flowers/groceries/dogs/pakketjes and a bunch of other things in my hands so unless I master carrying umbrella in my teeth there is no way I can use one.

I hear you!

Personal Stylist, Shopper Amsterdam

To be frank, unless you are willing to pack yourself in a full on bodysuit there is no 100% guarantee you’re going to make it dry to work. Bodysuits are messy, and no-one really wears them. The next best thing is a poncho or a good rain coat.

Surprisingly, the choice of the latter is not as big as you could imagine. The reason is that it is simply not easy to make a bloody good raincoat. Most of them are made of water resistant fabric which often includes environmentally questionable components and may even be hazardous for your health! (read more here, or just google the topic)

I heard about this from the owner of one of the most successful Dutch brands Rain Couture

Try making your sourcing sustainable, your product looking nice (rather just a piece of plastic table cloth from the 80's), offer excellent service and durability - and you will understand what differentiates a good rain coat from a plastic cover which are widely present on the market.

Rain Couture has excellent attitude when it comes to quality, design, service and wear. What I like most is that they look like a real coat! They are wind / waterproof thanks to their unique fabric. So basically you are buying two coats in one!

Personal shoppers working at the Panachery offer discounts you can use in their Amsterdam stores or online. Contact us to learn more!


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