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What happens when a (mostly) "normal" person hires a stylist

Wardrobe organisation & Style Advice

I met Victoria few months ago and there was an instant click between us. You know good things will come your way when you meet people of the same "frequency" as I call it.

Victoria is a Sustainable Fashion Blogger. While her focus lies mainly on the Sustainable side of Fashion Business, she also inspires people to dress stylishly and fun.

With sustainable fashion just making its baby steps one finds it hard to create interesting and unusual looks with often basic items. Victoria tries to overcome the dullness while bringing awareness to the wider audience.

I helped Victoria with wardrobe detox and organisation. Wardrobes of most people are representation of Consumerism and irresponsible choices. The better you understand what truly fits you, how to choose quality garments and avoid over-buying, the more you contribute to the more sustainable planet.

(Click on the photo for the link to Victoria's blog.)

You may also find it informative in case you were wondering how our Closet Detox session looks like.

And no, it is not about a makeover or ditching half of your clothes away. It is about "saving" as many items as we can, about educating you on your best fits and colours and about sustainable and smart shopping.

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