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Our main principles or how Personal Stylists at The Panachery are different from their competition.

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Why do you start a business? I started mine because I could not find the service I would have liked to use myself. I do not want to look like I just stepped off an Instagram blogger file. I do not want copy-paste looks that do now even fit me. I do not want “colour advice” without understanding how to apply this in everyday life. I do not want to work with stylists whose work I cannot distinguish and whose clients went through “one size fits all” styling session.

Here is the summary of my principles, and differences as pointed out by my clients:

  • I am against copy/paste. Please take time, learn what suits you best, what represents you best, what you want your clothes tell about you. Please understand that what you see in magazines or Instagram may fit those models, but will not necessarily fit you (I specialise on Instagram victims J, call now if you are one of them!)

  • I am against one size fits all. Or one trend fits all. Individuality is key. Look around you – do you see how the majority of people is dressed the same way? White sneakers – check? Parka in winter – check? Hoodies in trend – check? Easy you will say? Surely it is. Showing off your individuality? Not really.

  • I believe men should look like men and women should look like women. Unless it is your conscious message to send the opposite signal. Put a bit more effort in yourself and your (potential) partner will thank you.

  • I dig deep to make sure your style reflects who you are or who you want to be.

  • I explain everything and give tips and tricks to make sure you are armed. It is really not hard. And if it is – I stand by every step of the way.

  • I always always always stand by my clients.

Truth hurts but Netherlands is one of the least stylish countries in Europe. Our women & men all look the same, and sadly as it is, my fellow stylists are partially to blame for this unappealing look. Why do different if examples on TV, magazines and social media stick to the same approach to “looking good”: not taking into account one’s best features, colours, individuality, sex or occupation?

If you feel you have seen it all, that there is no more inspiration, that your closet is full of mismatched pieces, that every day feels like you are wearing a uniform – drop us a line. You have no idea which roads your new look will take you on. But definitely not the same one you are now.

Change is good.

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