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Personal Stylist says: Stop Blending In

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Stop blending in.

Take a moment and ask yourself:

Who are you?

What do you stand for?

What makes you different?

And most importantly - how to you communicate that to others?

What do people around you think of you?

Those close to you and those who put a label on you based on how you look. Because you know that we all do. Stop pretending it does not matter. You are the same label producer just like everyone else.

Why should it matter what others think of you? – it shouldn’t. But it does. And by not giving a damn this is exactly what you communicate to people: ”I do not give a damn about myself.” So why should they bother taking you seriously?

If you know who you are you have no problem transmitting exactly what you want to show (are you sure??). If you don’t – you might want to start with the easiest step on the journey, and call in a help of a professional who is trained to tune into you and translate the message to the others.


Style and personality are inevitably connected with each other. I am not asking you to follow latest fashion trends. I am not asking you to spend hours and hundreds on your outfits. All I am asking is that you start taking care of yourself by looking into the mirror and aligning what you see with who you are inside.

Stop blending in.

Start standing out.

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